775 HP

AF Series Combines

The newest evolution of Case IH’s Axial-Flow combines, the AF11 brings high-efficiency farming to the next level. This Class 10+ combine features dual-rotor technology, innovative AFS Harvest Command™ automation and Case IH’s highest-ever total combine capacity, allowing you to harvest more acres with less grain loss than ever before. 

Hero Image of Axial Flow AF11 with FD250 flex draper head

775 HP



Grain Tank Size

567 bu.

Unload Rate

6 bu./sec

Next Generation Harvesting

With a 775-hp engine, the AF11 is the most powerful combine offered by Case IH. A 567-bushel grain tank and 396-gallon fuel tank let you cover more acres in less time.

Designed, engineered and built by farmers, this combine is packed with the latest in automation, connectivity and harvesting technology, backed by decades of Axial-Flow reliability.



Explore Features

  • Harvest More Acres per Day

    A 567-bushel grain tank provides 39% more capacity than previous models, so that you can carry more to get more done in a day. An unprecedented fast unloading rate of up to 6.0 bushels per second unloads the massive grain tank within 100 seconds.

  • Larger Area Equals BIG Capacity

    Building on nearly 50 years of harvesting excellence, with proven Axial-Flow rotor technology, the new AF11 introduces the next evolution in high efficiency farming, the AFXL2 dual rotor system. AFXL2 dual rotor technology creates a much larger total threshing and separating area. Increasing the length and number of rotors increases the threshing and separation area by 45% to give a huge boost to overall capacity. The AFXL2 dual rotors allow greater condition adaptability with six threshing modules and 12 separating modules.

    Grain separation is taken to a new level with the exclusive HX+ Rasp Bars that work together in an all-new stepped rotor cage. This system loosens the crop mat for more effective grain separation with higher crop throughputs, even in higher moisture crops.  The AFXL2 dual rotors are driven with industry exclusive Power Plus CVT rotor drive for superior power transfer and efficiency in all crop types – and include rotor reversing.

  • Every Operator Can Be an Expert

    The most advanced harvesting automation system available, AFS Harvest Command, comes standard on all AF11 combines. Each automation mode prioritizes different harvesting outcomes — from grain quality to grain savings to throughput. You choose the mode of automation to match your harvesting goals. Set the crop type, maximum operating speed and power limits and AFS Harvest Command handles the rest. Choose from four modes of automation to fit your operation:

    • Performance: Maximize grain savings and grain quality while optimizing throughput.
    • Grain quality: Maximize grain quality while saving grain and optimizing throughput.
    • Max throughput: The operator can maximize throughput while automation adjusts combine settings to save grain.
    • Fixed throughput: The operator can fix the machine throughput and the machine will adjust to save grain and maintain a quality sample.
  • In-Cab Display

    The AFS Pro 1200 display brings  a new level of productivity and connectivity to harvesting. The AF11 combines come equipped with two of these displays, mounted within easy reach.  With seven nameable runscreens, the AFS Pro 1200 allows the operator to input Harvest Command settings, set up autoguidance and share real-time data with remote managers or consultants.

    The AFS Pro 1200 display features an anti-glare screen, Bluetooth® capabilities and a familiar Android-based interface.

  • Spend Less Time Unloading

    The AF series combines feature a two-speed grain elevator that can either be operated at 8,300 bu/hr or a lightning-fast 10,000 bu/hr, without sacrificing grain quality.

    • The grain elevator is equipped with molded elevator paddles to move more grain with less damage.
    • The clean grain elevator is an all-belt drive system, reducing maintenance costs and delivering efficient power through a constant tensioning system.
  • Consistent, High-Capacity Cleaning

    Industry-leading cleaning capacity starts with an active and dynamic cleaning system that utilizes 100% of the cleaning system 100% of the time, whether on level or unlevel ground up to 13-degree slopes. A redesigned grain cleaning system is 45% larger than previous models, to accommodate higher crop throughput.

    • A 13% larger, hydraulically driven Cross Flow Plus cleaning fan provides high, uniform air flows at lower overall fan speeds.
    • A four-sieve cleaning system allows for greater cleaning system capacity.
    • Two clean-grain cross augers located strategically within the cleaning system convey high volumes of clean grain to the clean grain elevator.
    • Single point yield calibration provides increased accuracy.
    • Grain quality imaging provides a real time look at harvested grain, enabling the operator to fine-tune and confirm Harvest Command automation settings.
  • Residue Management with the Next Crop in Mind

    Field preparation for the next crop begins with harvesting the current crop which is why the residue management system on the AF11 has been agronomically designed to meet the needs of any producer regardless of crop type and yield.

    Paramount is the matched capacity of the residue management system related to high volumes of crop material harvested. With the AF11 you can:

    • Automated residue spread compensation for a uniform spread pattern, even in windy conditions.
    • Adjust the performance of the residue management system from the cab, such as chop quality and chop/swath control.
    • Spread farther to accommodate today and tomorrow’s larger headers.
  • Eliminate Guesswork during Harvesting

    High-Capacity harvesting requires state-of-the-art precision. Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) offers a wide array of solutions to meet this demand.

    AFS Connect™- All AF11 combines come with an AFS Connect subscription, allowing you to share vital machine, field and crop data remotely, and even allows remote viewing of machine displays. 

    AFS AccuSync® -Combined with an AFS Connect subscription, AFS Accusync allows multiple pieces of equipment to share real-time data, including A/B guidance.

    AFS AccuGuide™ -AccuGuide is a fully integrated autoguidance system that allows you to achieve sub-inch level accuracy and maintain accurate row positioning across different types of terrain and field conditions.

  • Designed for High-Efficiency Harvesting

    The all-new C516 corn head has been redesigned from the ground up to match the capacity and power of today’s larger combines. You need a header that can move through your fields with ease, handle demanding harvest conditions, and provide exceptional durability. That’s what the C500 Series Corn head delivers.

    This new corn head picks cleaner and harvests faster all with easier servicing and maintenance to maximize your profitability and uptime

  • A Most Comfortable Command Center

    The cab of the AF series is an ergonomically-designed command center.  Two AFS Pro 1200 Displays are strategically mounted so operators can easily set up navigation, monitor harvester functions and share data remotely. Additional USB ports, power outlets and cell phone holder allow even more flexibility.

    To keep you comfortable in all weather, the cab comes with upgraded climate control, heated/cooled/massaging seats and a portable electric refrigerator.

    The cab is designed for high visibility, with unsurpassed sight lines and halogen stadium lighting, allowing you to see keep an eye on the entire head.

  • Get More Done in Less Time

    The AF11 is engineered with built-in reliability, minimizing the time spent in the shed. The Power Plus CVT drive combine drive system features a low-maintenance design. Critical service areas have been moved to make them more accessible and components upgraded to ensure long life.

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