6 - 18 rows

Corn Heads

Case IH 6 to 18 row corn heads – available in narrow or folding configurations - provide increased corn harvesting speeds and consistent chop lengths to help increase productivity without sacrificing chop quality. Always made in America.

Case IH corn head
Row Spacing
20 - 38 in.
Cross Auger Diameter
16 in.
Cross Auger Pitch
22 in.

Corn Head Family

Designed for Efficiency and Durability

Case IH Corn Heads are designed to pick cleaner, harvest faster, grab more down corn and save more grain. The corn heads incorporate the latest innovations in harvest technology, with features that maximize your time in the field and minimize your yield loss.

Explore Features

  • Harvest More Acres Per Day

    Case IH corn heads are designed for the stress of high speed harvesting and heavy crop loads, with a heavy-duty mainframe, patented corn saver louvers, improved row unit design and high capacity gathering chain for productivity.
  • Maximize Corn Harvest

    Case IH corn heads Increase grain savings with:

    • Divider/snout profile that allows for the maximum corn to be harvested without interfering with crop flow.
    • Heavy-duty, double-walled poly construction provides superior durability.
    • Dividers that are designed to lift down corn and present to the gathering chains.
    • Gas strut assist that allows dividers to be opened with one hand.
    • Tall corn attachment prevents loss or corn ears over the ends of heads.
    • Optional hydraulic spiral dividers lift and move stalks into the headers in down and tangled-crop conditions.
  • The Ultimate Stalk Processing Technology

    The large diameter pinching point stalk rolls provide the ultimate in stalk processing, while the high-capacity, heavy-duty gathering chains supply superior crop feeding. Improved row unit divider sealing reduces grain loss from gathering chains. Large stalk rolls for increased stalk processing performance and longer stalk roll knives for wider operating ranges.

    The row unit is constructed with a heavy-duty 6mm thick frame. Service and access is easy with a simple chain removal tool supplied with the head.
  • State of the Art Manufacturing

    To ensure the highest levels of quality and reliability Case IH has made significant investments into head manufacturing. All Case IH 3020, 3100 series drapers and 4400/4200 series corn heads are built in Burlington, Iowa. The Burlington plant began building Case combines in 1937 and recently has gone through extensive renovations to incorporate the latest manufacturing technology. The Burlington assembly plant embodies the heritage of Case IH.

  • Maximize Grain Savings

    Case IH offers a comprehensive lineup of corn heads that also includes the narrow row configuration. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the narrow row corn head is built to match the performance of Case IH Axial-Flow® combines. See what a producer says about the narrow row head.

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