Pickup Heads

The Case IH pick up head is ideal for small-grain harvesting like cereal, grass seed, and more. Our simple, proven design helps minimize seed loss, while extra picking fingers and adjustable belt speeds allow for increased performance in tough conditions.
A Case IH pickup head
Picking Widths

11’ 11” or 14’ 11.5”

Number of Belts
1 or 3
Auger Diameter
26 in.
Auger Speed (standard)
174 - 187 RPM

Pickup Heads

The Ideal Harvest Tool

The Case IH pickup head is a grain-harvesting workhorse. Designed to float over tough terrain, the 3016 pickup head gently lifts swaths and transports to the combine with minimal seed loss.

Explore Features

  • Maximize Yield Potential

    The entire frame on the pickup head is constructed to optimize grain yield. The frame itself is completely welded and has 12 inches of flex along the head.

    • No daily maintenance required
    • The two-stage delivery unit has a pickup belt and transfer belt to optimize pickup and transfer of crop
    • An integrated seed dam between the rear picking belt roller and floor prevents grain/header loss
    • Plastic teeth on the pickup belt gently handles crop
  • Efficiently Feed Swaths into the Combine

    • A heavy-duty, fully welded auger
    • Floating 26-in. diameter with deep flighting
    • Double V pattern retractable auger fingers with patented rubber retaining system
    • A heavy-duty RC 80 auger drive chain
  • High Performance Even in Tough Conditions

    The Case IH 3016 pickup head is designed to provide maximum floatation and excellent picking ability. Key suspension features include:

    • 12-in. movement range
    • Header height control with two sensors
    • Standard mechanical suspension maintains consistent ground pressure and prevents bouncing
    • Optional in-cab hydraulic suspension adjustment – allows operator to adapt to changing conditions
    • Fixed gauge wheels with height adjustment allows for optimum picking
    • Optional castor gauge wheels eliminate ground scuffing and reduce frame stress in turns


Perfect for Any Seed Crop

Grass Seed Special
  • 12-ft. picking width
  • One 12-ft. belt for pickup and transfer
Small Grain Configuration
  • 15-ft. picking width
  • 3-piece belt (5 ft. each) for pickup and transfer


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