9’ 2” - 16’ CUTTING WIDTH

Disc Mower Conditioners

Fast cutting and high-quality conditioning for superior hay quality and windrow formation. An expanded variety of new models with additional cutting widths.

DC125 disc mower conditioner series hero
Cutting Width

9’ 2” - 16’ 5"

Cutting Height
0.95” - 3.2”
Disc Speed
2,250 TO 3,000 RPM
PTO Required
65 - 100 HP

Disc Mower Conditioner Family

Big Productivity in any Package Size

Case IH now offers additional sizes of center-pivot DC5 series disc mower conditioners for more performance options in a smaller, convenient package. Combined with DC3 series side pull disc mower conditioners, which provide industry-leading cut and crimp for optimal windrow formation and superior nutrient retention, you’ll experience better crop flow and faster dry down while no-tool adjustments and new sizes get you to and from the field faster. Available with the quick-change knife system and three-year cutterbar warranty.

Explore Features

  • Durable and Versatile Cutterbar

    The DC3 series disc mower conditioners have a cutterbar designed for durability and maximized profit. Featuring a modular design, simplified drive system, quick-change knives and counter-rotating discs and a 3-Year Warranty.

  • Easy Access to the Cutterbar for More Productivty

    The Case IH Disc Mower Conditioners cutterbars are easily accessible for adjustments or repairs. Either bi-fold doors or a single-piece hood offers full access.
  • Best-in-Class Conditioning

    The wider conditioners on the Case IH Disc Mower Conditioner series allows for a thinner crop mat, leading to uniform conditioning and greater sun exposure for faster dry down. The torsion-bar roll-pressure design applies equal force to the conditioning rolls for greater consistency, with an almost 1-to-1 cut width to conditioner ratio on DC103 and DC133 models. The innovative Case IH flail system removes the waxy outer layer for faster dry-down in grass.

  • Make Adjustments in the Field

    Several systems on the disc mower conditioners can be adjusted without tools, letting you get into the field faster.

    • Windrow Formation - Swathgate and forming shields are easily adjusted without tools. Spread wide or narrow to fit your needs
    • Conditioning Roll Pressure - A single point of adjustment fine tunes the roll pressure
    • Knife Maintenance - The provided tool allows you to change the quick-change knives in seconds
    • Cutting Height - Repositioning a pin in the hydraulic tilt cylinder changes the cutting height
  • Maximum Turning Performance

    Get maximum turning performance with zero driveline wrap-up. On either the drawbar swivel hitch or two-point hitch the PTO power is transferred from the front swivel gearbox to a second swivel gearbox at the rear of the tongue maintaining perfect alignment of the driveshaft. A simple clevis hitch is also available.
  • Peace of Mind Comes Standard

    To provide our customers with peace of mind during hay season DC3 and DC5 series mower conditioners will now come with a two-year base warranty. From the hitch to the rear axle, we want our customers to know that we’ve got their backs.


Case IH DC Series Disc Mower Conditioner Crushes the Competition

“We’ve had two Case IH Disc Mower Conditioners and they just do a great job. The adjustments are simpler than with competitive models. You set the machine on the ground with your hydraulics and go. The red machines are simple, reliable and easy to deal with. In the past, we ran competitive equipment, but the Case IH DC Series is far and away a better machine.”

Frank Glenn
Glendale Farms


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