2110 Rigid Mounted

A 6-, 8- 11- or 15 row planter supporting 15, 30-, 36-, 38- and 40-inch spacing with a lower machine weight. Perfect for lower horsepower tractors, as well as regional farming practices with bedded crops (i.e., cotton & peanuts) and flood irrigation.

Row Options
6, 8, 11 or 15
Row Spacings
 15- 30-, 36-, 38- and 40-in.
Frame Size
7 x 7 in.
On-Row Hopper
1.9 or 3.0 bushel​

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Number Of Rows
Row Spacings - In (mm)
Seed Hopper
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Method Of Folding For Transport

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Planting & Seeding

6 Month

Month Interest Waiver Followed by CQR on 2000 Series Early Riser® Planters
Available through

June 30, 2024

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