11' 3" - 26’ 0” WIDTH

Disk Rippers

Tackle your primary tillage needs with a Case IH Ecolo-Tiger 875 disk ripper — built for durability in tough conditions and flexibility to match your needs.

A Case IH disk ripper
Working Width
14' 0" - 26’ 0”
Transport Width
16’ 0” - 18' 0"
Number of Shanks
7 - 13
Shank Spacing
24" - 30"

Disk Ripper Family

Optimize Your Seedbed

The Case IH Family of Disk Rippers are engineered to provide the perfect seedbed for your operation. Our disk rippers optimize residue management, soil tilth and seedbed conditioning. Take your operation one step further with AFS Soil Command™.

Explore Features

  • Reduce Erosion and Increase Production Capacity

    Case IH disk rippers help you cut, size and mix crop residue to reduce erosion and increase production capacity. This effective crop residue management allows you to increase organic-matter content in the soil, provide a soil/residue mixture that allows moisture to penetrate the subsoil faster and decrease erosion.

    With the adoption of Bt hybrids, you need aggressive disk components capable of cutting and mixing the tougher stalks and the Case IH Ecolo-Tiger® 875 tackles residue with:

    • 24-in. (610-mm) individual disks or optional 26-in. (660-mm) cushion gang® disks
    • 12-in. (304-mm) spacing between gang disks
    • A split-the-middle gang position front to back
    • Reduces stalk size for improved flow and better mixing
  • Earth Metal® Blades


    The Ecolo-Tiger 875 is fitted with Earth Metal® blades, which feature:

    • A 24-in. (610-mm) or 26-in. diameter
    • Patented index position relative to the shanks
    • Increased ductility and reduced breakage
    • Boron steel that enhances the hardness without affecting ductility for a longer wearing blade while providing breakage resistance
    • A flat center that matches perfectly with each nodular cast iron spool to produce the strongest possible joints
    • A crimped center to provide added strength in high-stress areas of the disk blade
  • Achieve Ideal 50/50 Soil Composition

    Ideal soil tilth is equal parts soil and pore space, with water and air equally distributed within the pore space. Over time, soil becomes compacted and robs the soil of this needed pore space, reducing yield. Case IH Disk Rippers effectively fracture compaction and promote optimal soil tilth.
  • Maximize Yield Potential

    Case IH disk rippers give you the flexibility to finish the field to match your farming practices. Create a first-pass soil surface that settles level prior to secondary tillage and planting.

    With two seedbed conditioning options, the Double-Edge Tigerpaw™ Crumbler® and the Disk Leveler attachment, our disk rippers help maximize each plant’s yield potential.
  • Optimize Every Pass with AFS Soil Command™

    In any condition, AFS Soil Command™ tillage technology adds site-specific precision to soil management so you can maximize environmental, economic and agronomic performance

    Tillage Prescriptions: Prescription technology takes the same variable rate approach you use for seed and fertilizer rates with site-specific tillage and zone management. Match tillage treatments to the specific conditions of your fields, running deeper in areas with more compaction and working soil less aggressively in other areas.

    Coordinated Control: Precisely coordinate every component of your disk ripper to optimize all machine settings as field conditions change. As shank depth is adjusted, AFS Soil Command agronomic control technology optimizes fore/aft levelness, Crumbler® pressure, disk gang depth, leveler depth and stabilizer wheel position.

    Efficient Soil Management: Control exactly how and where a field is treated and prepared and cover more acres with the ability to vary and increase speed as conditions allow.


Take a Deeper Dive Into the Disk Ripper series

Agronomic Design Insights – Agronomically Optimize Your Seedbed

Agronomic Design Insights – Agronomically Optimize Your Seedbed


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