22' 2" - 60' 2" WIDTH

Field Cultivators

Case IH field cultivators are designed from the ground up to create a high-efficiency seedbed. The Tiger-Mate® 255 offers the durability and Agronomic Design™ features needed for more efficient planting and maximum yield, while the Vibra-Tine™ 265 S-tine field cultivator takes on tough high-clay and timber soils in one spring pass.

A Case IH Field Cultivator
Working Width
22' 2" - 60' 2"
Transport Width
14' 11" - 18’ 7”
Number of Shanks
41 - 144
Shank Spacing
4 - 6.5"

Field Cultivators Family

Rethink Seedbed Productivity

The Tiger-Mate 255 technology is designed to maximize yield potential in one spring pass. field cultivator creates a high-efficiency seedbed for the most accurate seed placement. From crop residue management to soil tilth to seedbed conditions, we designed this field cultivator with an eye on improving agronomic performance.

For high-clay and timber fields, the Vibra-Tine 265 S-tine field cultivator helps achieve optimal clod-sizing, a smooth field finish and healthier soil. Proven and effective S-tine technology is designed to maximize yield potential in one spring pass.

Explore Features

  • Reliable Frame from End to End

    Case IH Field Cultivator frames are designed with higher productivity, increased efficiency and longevity in mind. 

    • Wings engineered to fold together quickly and get you in and out of the field faster
    • 25-inch underframe clearance keeps the residue flowing at higher speed
    • Exclusive, welded bridge frame stands up to variable conditions under higher field speeds
    • Frame designed to flex through difficult soil conditions
    • Greaseless bearings on frame displace over 40 grease points, saving maintenance time
  • Superior Shank Assemblies

    Create a consistent, flat seedbed with the strong yet flexible C-shank assembly on the Tiger-Mate 255.

    For high-clay and timber soils, the Vibra-Tine 265 uses proven S-tine technology and rugged S-tine coils to effectively work your fields.
  • Fine-Tuned Level and Depth Control For Any Field

    Automatically adjust depth across a variety of fields and conditions with a single-point hydraulic depth control system.

    Achieve fast and easy machine leveling, both side-to-side and fore-to-aft with turnbuckle adjustments. 

  • Sweeps That Will Keep You Up and Running Acre After Acre

    Built with Case IH Agronomic Design principles, the Tiger-Mate 255 features our exclusive split-the-middle sweep pattern and proven, rear-flowing parabolic design and tough Earth Metal® sweep composition. The results? Better soil tilth, healthy root development, and optimal soil and residue incorporation.

  • Optimize Every Pass with AFS Soil Command™

    In any condition, Case IH AFS Soil Command™ tillage technology adds site-specific precision to soil management. Maximize agronomic, economic and environmental performance with seedbed sensing and monitoring, total implement control, as-tilled mapping and the ability to create and execute soil management prescriptions.
  • Achieve the Finish that Fits Your Fields

    Select the finishing tool option that best fits your soil type and farming practices. Our harrow options are designed to maximize seed-to-soil contact while providing optimal leveling and clod sizing. We have multiple finishing tool options for both the Vibra-Tine model and the Tiger-Mate model.
  • Hitch Options for Every Job

    A variety of hitch options allow you to get the most out of your Case IH field cultivator:

    • The Floating Hitch allows the Tiger-Mate 255 to operate independently of the tractor, while enhancing the ground following for consistent depth across terrain.
    • The T-Bone Hitch provides a tighter turn radius.
    • The Rear Hitch accommodates additional towed conditioning system, while minimizing passes in seedbed preparation. 

    Choose electronic or hydraulic hookups to match harrow options and towing needs.

  • Stability and Durability in All Conditions

    Case IH field cultivators are built to reduce compaction and remain level and stable in all field conditions

    Radial Tires
    • Durable and stubble-resistant
    • Up to a 70 percent increase in footprint over bias ply tires – improves flotation and reduces compaction
    • Walking tandems and gauge wheels on the main frame and wings provide a smooth ride and reduce compaction, wing bounce and nosing.
    • Radial Stabilizer wheels on every wing section provide additional stability and levelness over obstacles
    • Optional pivoting stabilizer wheel on wing sections for contour farming
  • Prepare Your Fields With the Utmost Efficiency

    Ideal seedbed preparation sets the tone for planting season success — from row unit ride to planter speed. To maximize planting efficiency and help your crops reach their full potential, pair your Tiger-Mate 255 field cultivator or Vibra-Tine 265 S-tine field cultivator with the Case IH 2000 series Early Riser® planter. Our planters deliver the ultimate in seed placement accuracy to produce a more successful crop. Learn how Case IH 2000 series Early Riser planters can help you achieve High-Efficiency Farming at your operation.
  • Proven Technology

    The Vibra-Tine 265 S-Tine Field Cultivator effectively works high-clay and timber soils, creating a better seedbed. Vibrating technology enables S-tines to break through heavy soil to create a better seedbed. Six ranks of S-tines, with effective 4-inch spacing, provide optimal clod sizing and allow for maximum residue flow. The large S-tine coils ensure powerful forward, backward and sideways motion.


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Agronomic Design Insights – Agronomically Optimize Your Seedbed

Agronomic Design Insights – Agronomically Optimize Your Seedbed


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