15’ - 60' WIDTH


The Nutri-Tiller 955 is your one-pass seedbed solutions to improve soil tilth so air and water move freely and your planter can do its job placing the seed at the proper depth and creating good seed-to-soil contact.

A Case IH Nutri-Tiller
Working Width
15’ - 60'
Number of Rows
6 - 24
Coulter Diameter
Row Spacing

Strip-Till Family

High Efficiency Crop Production

Strip-till delivers the agronomic advantages of conventional tillage with the conservation and cost benefits of no-till. When properly adapted to local conditions, strip-till conserves soil, reduces production costs and saves time.

Explore Features

  • Flexibility and Durability Drive Consistency

    Durability, adjustability and flexibility each play a critical role in any tillage equipment’s success. We designed the frame to help ensure the Nutri-Tiller exceeds expectations.

    • Steel, welded bridge construction results in a stronger frame
    • Rounded gussets provide increased toolbar strength
    • Three ranks of tubing add strength, stability, and flexibility for improved crop residue flow and faster operating speeds
    • The Nutri-Tiller 955 is available in 8-, 12-, 16-, and 24-row working widths 
    • 12- and 16-row models flex in three sections and the 24-row model flexes in five sections for excellent ground following
    • Coulters and row units can be staggered for improved crop residue flow and faster operating speeds 
  • A Row Unit That Sets the Stage for Your Success

    From the moment the coulter meets that top layer of soil and crop residue until a well-conditioned berm emerges, the objective is to create an ideal environment to get your crop off to a fast, uniform start.

    Row unit components work in harmony to create optimal agronomic conditions in a single, high-efficiency pass. Cut through tough residue with the large, 24-inch coulter. Achieve effective residue management. Maintain a constant tillable depth with the High-clearance ShankTM for Strip-Till (HCS ST).
  • Building the Best Berm

    Our goal was to design a strip-till system that creates the ideal environment for your crop. That means a uniform berm that’s properly shaped and sized. It also means a soil profile with increased pore space and improved soil tilth.

    The Berm Build’r™ creates uniform berms that are properly shaped and sized while the Berm Condition’r™ breaks down and sizes clods with two berm condition basket options.
  • Easy Adjustments to Match Conditions

    Single-point depth control provides for quick adjustments and allows you to easily change settings according to changing fields and conditions. Plus, an independently adjusted leveling control for inner wing gauge wheels provides greater simplicity and durability. The 60-foot unit includes a turnbuckle for front-to-back toolbar leveling.
  • Designed for Maximum Floatation

    The Case IH Nutri-Tiller feature walking-tandem axles on the mainframe and wings to help row units ride at a consistent depth.

    Optional stubble-resistant tires are available for increased durability both during transport and in the field. The larger footprint improves floatation and reduces soil compaction.
  • Durable Hitches for Every Operation

    • Strong Hitches: Front and rear hitches are aligned for even weight transfer and reduced lateral stress
    • Towing Capacity: Larger, heavier hitch casting allows for towing capacity up to 25,000 pounds
    • Reduce Hitch Movement: Replaceable poly wear pads on support and contact points ease hitch movement
    • Easier Tank Hitching: Constant level rear hitch features a reliable hitch casting, which swings and extends for easier tank hitching
  • Field-Ready to Deep-Band Dry Fertilizer

    Take the next step toward high-efficiency crop production by pairing the Nutri-Tiller 955 with the Case IH Precision Air 5 series air cart. With this air package, you can apply up to three products in one pass: two dry fertilizers, plus anhydrous ammonia.
    • Easy-to-fasten, over center latches provide easy coupling and a consistent, secure connection.
    • Dimpled Y-splitters agitate air and product flow, providing a consistent mix for delivery down to the knife.
    • Diffusers above the knife help the product drop freely to the trench floor to provide a consistent fertilizer band at the proper depth.
    • An optional blockage monitor provides feedback via ISOBUS to the AFS Pro 700.
  • Control, Monitor and Record

    From auto guidance that helps keep your strips straight to variable-rate application that helps you achieve fertilizer efficiency to a fully integrated platform that gathers data during every phase of production, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) is the ideal strip-till companion.

    • Achieve year-to-year repeatable accuracy at sub-inch levels with AFS AccuGuide™ auto guidance to reduce skips and overlaps, and better manages your seed, fertilizer and chemical inputs.
    • View, edit, manage, and analyze your real-time, precision farming data in a single suite with AFS software.
    • Generate yield maps, prescription maps, soil sampling maps and import satellite imagery with our integrated software package.
    • Accurately place fertilizer and variable-rate applications of up to three products — two granular and one anhydrous– to result in fewer trips across the field.


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