22' 2" - 47' 2" WIDTH

Vertical Tillage

Whether it’s spring or fall, Case IH vertical tillage equipment delivers a fast and efficient way to cover vast acreage, manage crop residue, level the soil and achieve optimal field conditions.

Vertical Tillage tool
Working Width
22' 2" - 47' 2"
Transport Width
13' 8" - 18' 6"
Blade Diameter
20" or 22"
Blade Spacing

Vertical Tillage Family

Achieve Optimal Field Conditions

Our vertical tillage lineup is built on proven Agronomic Design™ principles with industry-exclusive blades. The True-Tandem 335VT and 335 Barracuda vertical tillage tools cover more ground in less time, so your fields are ready to go when your planting window approaches. Ideal for mixed farms and small- to midsized grain operations, the VT-Flex™ 435 vertical tillage tool offers simple variable gang angle adjustments — from effectively sizing residue and preserving soils to mixing the most stubborn crop residue.

Learn more about the VT-Flex 435 vertical tillage tool.

Explore Features

  • New Year, New Size Options

    The VT-Flex™ 435 vertical tillage tool helps producers manage their residue effectively with easy, on-the-go gang angle adjustments – whether using conservation or conventional tillage practices. Now in 2023, you’ll be able to choose from more size options — including a 30’ and 34’ option — that make sizing and cutting residue, preserving soils and mixing residue for each season even more productive.

    Learn more about the VT-Flex™ 435 vertical tillage tool.

  • Frame Engineered for Performance

    Our industry-leading vertical tillage technology enhances operator control, reduces maintenance and extends component life.

    The True-Tandem 335 VT and Barracuda models' symmetrical frame design provides uniform pulling pressures with improved balance and stability. The stabilizer and gauge wheels are bolted directly to the frame. The hitch is designed for tractor compatibility and a rear hitch is available for pull-type operations.

  • Level The Growing Field

    Engage soil to your intended depth, without disrupting soil density below the seedbed. Easily adjust operating depth and levelness.
  • Keep Your Edge with Earth Metal Blades

    Stronger than ordinary carbon steel blades, our industry-exclusive Earth Metal blades cover rocky terrain and uneven ground with confidence – even at high speeds.

    • Crimped center disk blades provide a tighter fit with cast iron nodular spools and add strength to the center of the blade.
    • Perfect for no-till and minimum-till environments, these blades penetrate hard soils to break through surface compaction.
  • Gang Assembly Supplies Superior Finish

    The 18-degree gang angle, paired with each blade’s concavity and crimped center, results in even cutting and mixing action for a superior finish.

    Front gang blades and rear gang blades are precisely indexed to one another, providing an even surface finish and a more even sub-surface floor than any other vertical tillage tool and high-speed disk.

    The VT-Flex™ 435 model's gang angle can be mechanically or hydraulically adjusted from 0- to 12 degrees.

  • Put the Finishing Touches on Your Seedbed

    The patented TigerPaw™ Crumbler® produces more uniform clod sizing and residue distribution in order to reach seedbed perfection. Made of high-strength steel, the twisted design limits excessive penetration into the soil. The Crumbler’s unique architecture ensures each bar is rifled to maintain constant down pressure, while hydraulic cylinders provide easy adjustability and settings to match any field condition.

    Optional 3-bar Coil Tine Harrow is also available for rice producing areas where high quantities of heavy, thick residue are common.
  • Optimize Every Pass with AFS Soil Command™

    In any condition, Case IH AFS Soil Command™ tillage technology adds site-specific precision to soil management. Now you can maximize environmental, economic and agronomic performance with total implement control, as-tilled mapping and the ability to create and execute soil management prescriptions.
  • The VT-Flex™ 435 Vertical Tillage Tool

    Spring or Fall, match your soil management needs with the VT-Flex™ 435 vertical tillage tool. Effective field preparation is made easy with fast, on-the-go gang angle adjustments – from 0 to 12 degrees – to match your desired field finish. Features include:

    • 6 to 9 mph ground speeds
    • Mechanical or hydraulically adjustable gang angles
    • Mechanical or hydraulically adjustable fore/aft leveling
    • Shallow-concavity fluted blades cut residue at shallow gang angles
    • Greaseless bushings 


  • Two Rugged Models

    The Case IH vertical tillage lineup provides options to fit your field. Choose from the True-Tandem 335VT with a choice of VT Wave blades for creating a smooth finish, the 335 Barracuda with serrated blades for aggressive residue and soil management, or the new VT-Flex vertical tillage tool with easy gang angle adjustments.


Take a Deeper Dive Into the Vertical Tillage Equipment

Agronomic Design Insights – Agronomically Optimize Your Seedbed

Agronomic Design Insights – Agronomically Optimize Your Seedbed


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