86 - 117 HP

Farmall Medium Utility C Series

Hard-working and heavy-duty, Farmall® medium utility C series tractors are available with options to handle any application. These deluxe utility tractors feature full power, full comfort and full features. They are ideal for demanding livestock duties, hay operations, and loader work.

Farmall Medium Utility C with DC103
86 - 117 HP

Power Shuttle

Operator Environment
Cab or Non-Cab
Compatible Loaders

L103 / L575/ L620/ L630 Loaders

Farmall Utility C Family

Hard-Working. Heavy-Duty. Ready to Do it All.

Case IH Farmall C series tractors handle any application. These deluxe utility tractors feature full power, full comfort, full features, and a variety of options. They are ideal for demanding livestock duties, larger hay operations and heavy loader work.

Explore Features

  • Transmission Options Suited to Your Needs

    Farmall medium utility C series tractors feature transmission options optimized for each model. Choose the transmission that best meets your needs and the way you plan to use your tractor. You can rest assured the transmission you select will be easy to operate and will help you get your work done easier.

    Choose From:

    • Optional 12x12 power shuttle plus synchro-shift
    • Optional 12x12 power shuttle plus synchro-shift with creeper
    • Optional 24x24 power shuttle with Hi-Lo
  • Efficient Horsepower with No Regeneration

    A powerful, 4-cylinder, 3.4-L FPT engine features a quick throttle response and builds power fast with a range of 86-117 horsepower.

    Common Rail Direct Injection: An electronic high-pressure, common rail fuel injection system precisely meters fuel as power demands, delivering both performance and fuel efficiency. This fuel system also provides improved throttle response, fast recovery to load and quieter engine operation with less vibration.

    Tier 4 B/Final Compliant: Engines use an internal Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) system to meet Tier 4 B/Final requirements.

    No regeneration: Unlike some competitive utility tractors, Case IH Farmall utility C series tractors do not require a diesel particulate filter, avoiding downtime and increasing productivity with no regeneration. 


  • Visibility, Comfort and Control Built for You

    When we say you can select your comfort zone, we mean it. Cabs are standard on all Farmall utility C models. Or choose the non-cab option knowing you’re not giving up many of the same deluxe features. Either way, we have designed the operator environment with comfort, convenience, and visibility in mind.

  • A Hitch For Maximized Productivity

    Heavy-duty 3 Point Hitch: Telescopic lower links and stabilizers simplify implement attachment. A single turnbuckle levels attachments.  

    Hitch Lift Capacities: 4,339 lb. 24 inches behind the pin  

    Extendable drawbar: An extendable drawar lets you customize hitched implements to your desired position or move the drawbar to keep it out of the way when not in use.



  • Heavy-Duty Hydraulics

    Separate steering and implement hydraulic reservoirs let you lift heavy loads without sacrificing your ability to steer. The open center hydraulic system and remote valve options coupled with a 3-point hitch make the tractors capable of handling nearly any implement. Farmall medium utility C models pump 16.9 gpm.

    Remotes: Two rear remotes come standard. For even greater flexibility and productivity, add an optional third remote. Also, tractors with the factory-installed, loader-ready option feature two mid-mount remotes.

    Loader Lift Capacity

    • Paired with Case IH L103 loader: 2,205 lb. (NSL) / 3,241 lb. (MSL)
    • Paired with Case IH L575 loader: 2,028 lb. (NSL) 3,175 lb. (MSL)
    • Paired with Case IH L620 loader: 2,478 lb. (NSL) / 3,179 lb. (MSL)
    • Paired with Case IH L630 loader: 2,632 lb. (NSL) / 3,428 lb. (MSL)
  • Power Take-Off Options For Every Job

    PTO configurations depend on the tractor model you choose. Standard and optional configurations include 540 rpm, 540/540E and 1,000 rpm. The 540/540E PTO option provides greater fuel efficiency during less-demanding applications.

    Farmall 90C, 100C and 110C with 12x12 Transmission:

    • Standard: 540 rpm
    • Optional: 540/1,000 rpm

    Farmall 90C, 100C and 110C with 24x24 Hi-Lo Transmission:

    • 540/1,000 rpm

    Farmall 120C with 12x12 or 24x24 Transmission:

    • Standard: 540/540E rpm
    • Optional: 540/1,000 rpm
  • The Right Traction and Tires for the Job

    Choice is good. Whether cutting, putting up or hauling hay, cleaning cattle pens or moving snow and maintaining the farmstead, Farmall utility C series tractors deliver all the power and traction you need.

    2WD or MFD
    Choose the best option — depending on the traction and maneuverability your operation demands. The 2WD option is ideal for lighter field work and maximum maneuverability. Go with MFD for improved traction and increased power to the ground.

    Tire Options
    Bar tread — optimal traction for agricultural applications
    Utility tread — a longer-life option for use on hard surfaces and a smoother ride while roading.

  • Quicker to the Job

    Farmall medium utility C series tractors let you get right to the task at hand without time lost on routine maintenance. After all, the sooner you get to work, the earlier you finish.

    Easy Access: A single-piece hood opens without tools. Gas struts support the hood when open for quick, easy access to engine components and checkpoints. Fueling is fast and easy with fuel-tank access from the ground or from the operator platform.

    Uptime: Check and fill engine oil without opening the hood. A 600-hour oil-change interval reduces downtime and maximizes uptime.


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Loaders & Attachments

Compatible loaders for your Farmall Utility C series tractor. Check out the full offering of loader attachments for all your material handling tasks here.

Farmall Utility 90C

Farmall Utility 100C

Farmall Utility 110C

Farmall Utility 120C

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