35-55 HP

Farmall Compact C Series

Deluxe, full-featured Farmall® compact C series tractors deliver an exceptional, customizable operating experience. The comfort, convenience, visibility, and cab amenities of these deluxe tractors can fuel your productivity, all day long.

Farmall Compact C hero
35 - 55 HP
Mechanical Shuttle / Hydrostatic
Cab or Non-cab
L350A and L360A Loaders

Farmall Compact C Family

A Compact Tractor at a Compact Price

Farmall compact C deluxe series tractors are popular because of their size, maneuverability and physical capabilities. From moving mulch with a loader to blowing snow or digging with a backhoe, they are built tough and with plenty of power to get the job done.

Explore Features

  • More Power for Every Chore

    A naturally aspirated, 3-cylinder, 1.9-L engine delivers increased power across the Compact Farmall C series tractor lineup. Models range from 35 to 55 hp (28-47 PTO hp) — a 5-hp increase over previous models. These engines also provide greater displacement and up to 20 percent greater torque output.

    Common Rail Direct Injection
    The latest fuel-injection technology offers several advantages, including improved power performance, increased efficiency and cleaner emissions.

    Tier 4 B/Final Compliant
    Engines use an internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system to meet Tier 4 B/Final requirements. A 50-hour Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration interval helps keep your workday humming.

  • Transmission Options For Your Operation

    Choose the standard mechanical shuttle transmission or the popular 3-range hydrostatic option:

    Mechanical Shuttle Transmission
    The standard shuttle transmission features 12x12 (three non synchronized ranges, four synchronized speeds) on Farmall compact models 35C and 40C, and 16x16 (four non synchronized ranges, four synchronized speeds) on Farmall compact models 45C, 50C and 55C. Operators can work with increased efficiency. The synchronized gears (mounted on the left of the steering column) allow gear changes to happen without coming to a complete stop.

    Hydrostatic Transmission
    A 3-range hydrostatic transmission is available on all models. An easy-to-operate, 2-pedal system, push button cruise control and infinite operating speeds makes this option a popular choice when considering operator convenience and fatigue. Simply press the forward pedal to move forward and press the reverse pedal to go in reverse. It’s an excellent choice for tasks, such as loader work and mowing, requiring frequent directional and speed changes.

  • Work in Your Comfort Zone

    Whether you prefer the great outdoors or a climate-controlled workspace, you can count on the deluxe features of the Farmall compact C series tractors. 

    • Comfort is provided through an operator platform with proper grip that provides easy access and exit, hand and foot throttles, and an adjustable suspension seat.
    • Convenience won’t be sacrificed as operators have easy access to all controls and levers, constant engine speed button for tasks that require a steady engine rpm, as well as a factory-installed loader joystick.
    • Visibility is crucial so operators have unobstructed views from the tractor seat as well as well-placed controls and a two-post ROPS structure that don’t inhibit visibility.
    • Additional Cab amenities include a spacious cab with room to move, climate controls including heat and air conditioning, and 360-degree sight lines.
  • Independent and Easy-to-engage

    Mid-mount PTO
    The mid-mount PTO to power mid- and front-mount equipment, such as mowers and snow blowers, is available on all Farmall compacts.

    Speed Options
    A rear, independent 540-rpm PTO with electro-hydraulic engagement comes standard and drives all your 3-point-mount and pull-behind implements. The mid-mount PTO is manually engaged, but controlled with electro-hydraulic PTO switch and operates at 2,000 rpm.

  • Hydraulics Made For Maximized Productivity

    Flow Rate
    An 8.2 gallons-per-minute hydraulic flow gives you the power you need for all kinds of heavy lifting, from loaders and backhoes to rear blades and rotary tillers.

    All Farmall compact C series tractors come with a standard rear remote. For even greater flexibility, add an optional second rear remote. Plus, optional color-coded rear remote levers and couplers simplify hookup.

  • Where the Work Gets Done

    Telescoping stabilizers and flex-end lower links make attaching and hooking up implements fast and easy. A single turnbuckle levels attachments. Mechanical positioning and an adjustable drop rate give you even greater control.

    Hitch Lift Capacity

    • Farmall compact 35C and 40C: 1,808 lb. 24 inches behind pin
    • Farmall compact 45C, 50C and 55C: 2,756 lb. 24 inches behind pin

    Extendable Drawbar 
    A two-position drawbar lets you customize hitched implements to your desired position or move the drawbar to keep it out of the way when not in use.

  • Traction and Power For an Ideal Operation

    All models feature standard MFD for improved traction and increased power to the ground. Non-cab configurations include fenders and handles for easy entry and exit.

  • Focus On The Task At Hand

    Case IH compact Farmall compact C tractors boast some of the best maintenance intervals in the industry.

    • Extended Warranty: New Farmall compact A tractors come standard with a 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty plus 4 additional years of powertrain protection
    • Uptime: A 300-hour oil-change interval reduces downtime and maximizes uptime
    • Easy Access: Regular maintenance points are accessible without removing shields or opening the hood and a ground-level fuel tank makes fueling easy


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