74-119 HP

Farmall CL Series

Taller and wider for more stability on hills and steep inclines, the Farmall® CL Series tractors provide more room for the operator while still offering a narrow footprint to operate within the narrow working environment found in orchards.

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74-119 HP

Operator Environment

Cab or Non-cab


Power Shuttle

Wheelbase Width


Farmall CL Family

Designed for Orchards Operations

Farmall CL Series tractors have the power and features to operate in the challenging environments found in orchards. With electronic draft control and AFS Connect™ integration, these tractors offer exceptional value and performance. Its wider footprint offers more stability, while maintaining a wheelbase that’s easily maneuverable in tight working spaces.

Explore Features

  • Telematics for Your Farmall CL Series Tractor

    Launching this year, the aftermarket telematics kit from Case IH brings select Case IH precision technology to your Farmall CL series tractor.

    This aftermarket kit allows users to manage their fleet to track their vehicle utilization, location, and remotely view key vehicle information that can assist with planning preventative maintenance.

    Ask you dealer for more details on how AFS Connect can work for you.

  • Clean and Efficient Engines

    The Farmall CL Series tractors are powered by a 4-cylinder, Tier 4 B/Final turbocharged and aftercooled engine with a rated engine RPM of 2,300 and no DEF required. The Farmall 80CL tractor features a 3.4 L engine that delivers 74 HP. The other Farmall CL tractors in this series feature the 3.6 L engine that delivers 85 HP (Farmall 90CL), 98 HP (Farmall 100CL), 106 HP (Farmall 110CL) and 119 HP (Farmall 120CL)

  • Transmission Options to Fit your Operation

    Choose a 16x16 power shuttle transmission for clutch-free forward/reverse or a hi-lo 32x16 transmission with push-button speed adjustment and clutch-free gear changes for more precise speed control. All feature an independent electrohydraulic MFD engagement.

  • Handle any Tasks

    540 PTO speed is standard and an optional 2,000 mid-PTO speed is available.

    A standard 16.9-gpm hydraulic pump, upgradeable to a 21-gpm hydraulic pump, allows for more hydraulic flow to operate implements.

    A cat. 1 3-point hitch has a 1,433-pound lift capacity.

  • Extra Space for More Comfort

    A wider footprint is carried over to the operator environment, offering additional room for both the non-cab and cab models.

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