53 - 74 HP

Farmall Small Utility A Series

Delivering value to your operation, Farmall® small utility A series tractors come with the standard features you expect—from durable, efficient engines and transmissions to a comfortable operator’s area.

Farmall Utility A series tractors
53 - 74 HP
Mechanical Shuttle or Power Shuttle
Cab or Non-Cab
Low-profile or poultry

Farmall Small Utility A Family

Power. Performance. Value.

Reliable and efficient, Farmall small utility A series tractors come in a wide range of models and configurations to tackle any task on small farms, large rural properties, livestock operations, and commercial or municipal work.

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  • Power and Performance with No Regeneration

    A turbocharged, electronically controlled engine features a tunnel block design that ensures ruggedness and easy maintenance without sacrificing power, efficiency or performance. Available models range from 53 - 74 HP. 

    • Common Rail Direct Injection - An electronic high-pressure common rail fuel system precisely meters fuel as power demands, delivering both performance and fuel efficiency. 
    • Emissions - All Case IH Farmall small utility A series engines use a Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) system to meet Tier 4 B/Final requirements.
    • No Regeneration - Unlike some competitive utility tractors, Farmall utility A series tractors do not require a diesel particulate filter, avoiding downtime and increasing productivity with no regeneration.
  • Easy to Shift, Easy to Operate

    Farmall utility A tractors feature a simple, straightforward 8x8 mechanical transmission that’s easy to operate. Also available is a 12x12 power shuttle. This increases efficiency and is an especially valuable convenience when doing loader work.

    An optional creeper transmission can be added to the 12x12 transmission of Farmall utility A tractors. This adds eight very slow forward speeds and eight very slow reverse speeds, providing a 20x20 transmission for operational speeds as low as 6 feet per minute.

  • Hard Work That Goes Easier on You

    The work is tough. The hours are long. Out here in the real world, operator comfort is no luxury — it’s a necessity. To help you stay productive day after day, Farmall medium utility A series tractors offer a smooth ride with a comfortable seat, intuitive controls and a new spacious cab option.

  • Ready for a Hard Day’s Work

    While the Farmall medium utility A series gives you the power you need at an excellent value, where these tractors truly shine is when you tap into our full suite of implements and attachments. To do that, you need reliable power and ease of use. The 540/540E or optional 540/1,000 rpm PTO speed, high-capacity hydraulic flow and industry-leading rear hitch lift capacities are just a few of many features that let you handle any task.

  • The Right Traction and Tires for the Job

    Whether cutting, putting up or hauling hay, cleaning cattle pens or moving snow and maintaining the farmstead, Farmall utility A tractors deliver all the power and traction you need. 

    2WD or MFD 
    Choose the best option for your needs. 2WD is ideal for lighter field work and maximum maneuverability, while MFD is better for improved traction and increased power.

    Tire options

    • Bar tread – provide optimal traction for agricultural applications 
    • Utility tread –  for a longer-life option on hard surfaces and a smoother ride while roading.

    All Farmall utility A series tractors include fenders and handles for easy entry and exit. 

  • Less Maintenance, More Field Work

    Farmall medium utility A tractors let you get right to the task at hand without time lost on routine maintenance. After all, the sooner you get to work, the earlier you finish.

    • Easy access: a single-piece hood opens without tools. Gas struts support the hood when open for quick, easy access to engine components and checkpoints. Fueling is fast and easy with fuel-tank access from the ground or from the operator platform. 
    • Uptime: A 600-hour oil-change interval reduces downtime and maximizes uptime.
      Check and fill engine oil without opening the hood.

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Loaders & Attachments

Compatible loaders for your Farmall Utility A series tractor. Check out the full offering of loader attachments for all your material handling tasks here.

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