Optum Series

Case IH Optum® series tractors deliver the horsepower needed for tillage, haulage and the heaviest mounted implements, with enhanced cab features for a more comfortable operator experience.

Optum 340 hauling wagon on raised road

271 - 340 HP

FPT Engine
6.7 L
Hydraulic Capacity

Up to 58 GPM

Optum Family

The Optimal Balance of Power, Size and Versatility.

Optum series tractors meet your needs for power, comfort, hydraulic capacity and weight. With this flexibility, Optum tractors deliver on everything from haulage and roading applications to tillage, planting and seeding, and hay and forage operations. Integrated AFS Connect technology maximizes your productivity.

Explore Features

  • Introducing the Optum 340

    We’ve added to the versatile Optum series lineup with the Optum 340 tractor. This workhorse delivers 340 engine HP and 282 PTO HP in a tractor built to handle a diverse workload, including tillage, planting, haulage, mowing and baling. The Optum 340 tractor is packed with features you need to get the job done.

  • Control your Operation from Anywhere

    The Optum series tractors set new standards on what connectivity can mean to your farming operation. The AFS Connect portal is a gateway that lets you precisely manage your farm, fleet and data from a desktop or tablet anywhere. You can view and share current field operations, fleet information, agronomic data and more with third-party partners. 
  • Proven Engine Performance

    The proven 6.7-L engines are built to produce power for the toughest field conditions. Reinforced material can handle anything an Optum tractor will put this engine through.
    • When specific conditions are met, the engine will idle at a lower speed to conserve fuel.
    • Industry-leading Hi-eSCR2 emissions technology is a proven, simple, single-system solution to meet emissions standards without compromising fuel efficiency.


  • Reliable CVXDrive™ Transmission

    For infinite ground speed control that delivers the power to the ground in field and road applications while allowing for maximum fuel efficiency by managing the engine RPM and transmission speed, Case IH Optum Series provides The CVXDrive™. 
    • Intelligent transmission management gives the driver more control, while the AFS Pro 1200 display can easily adjust functions including:
    • Acceleration/deceleration
    • Kickdown
    • Shuttling speed
    • Transmission sensitivity and aggressiveness
    • Drive pedal and Multicontroller responsiveness
  • Efficiency at Your Fingertips

    The Optum's all new MultiControl Armrest with the ergonomic MultiFunction Handle places 85% of key operator functions at your fingertips. The new MultiControl Armrest features the intuitive AFS Pro 1200 with the AFS Vision Pro operating system. The 12 inch touch screen display makes setting up your tractors and implements easy and AFS Vector Pro allows equipment to acquire guidance lines quicker creating greater efficiency.
  • Comfort With a Purpose

    The redesigned cab of the Optum series tractors comes equipped with suspended front axle and cab suspension plus a semi-active air-ride seat for a comfortable ride. The active leather seat option is designed to reduce vibration by up to 65% while holding the driver in an absolute position for added comfort. 
    The larger cab size, increased storage, available cool box and additional window tinting provides a quiet, cool environment for long days in the field.  Available LED lighting packages provide up to 22 LED lights in various configurations to meet your needs.
  • Optum series tractors are equipped with an in-cab, electronically shiftable 4-speed rear PTO and an optional two-speed front PTO​.

    • Four-speed Rear PTO: The four PTO speeds include 540, 540E, 1000, 1000E for maximum productivity, versatility and efficiency.
    • Two-speed Front PTO: The optional front PTO can also be electronically shifted in the cab between 1000 and 1000E. The 1000E setting achieves rated speed at 1585 engine RPMs reducing fuel consumption.

    The economy (E) PTO speeds are fuel saving features for maintaining PTO speed at a lower engine speed

  • Axle Design That Keeps Power to the Ground

    The durable axle and suspension design on Optum series tractors ensure maximum power to the ground. 
    • A standard class 4.75 suspended front axle provides a smooth ride and improves productivity with better traction 
    • Outboard planetary design keeps power to the ground and delivers a high carrying capacity for added performance.
    • A 112 in. or 119 in. bar rear axle configuration allows for several choices in wheel spacing for flexibility between crop types.
    Dual wheels are available on both the front and rear axle for additional traction and flotation.
  • A Hitch to Go The Distance

    Case IH’s Optum series tractors provide several rear hitch options, offering the flexibility to meet the needs of many demanding three-point hitch applications. Rear hitch lift capacity is 22, 705 lb.
    Front hitch options allow solutions for front-mounted mowers and other implements to be mounted to the front of the tractor to cover more acres per hour. Front hitch lift capacity is 9,892 lb.
  • Flexibility for Any Operation

    Optum series tractors offer large hydraulic pump options for performance at lower engine rpm, designed to help operators save fuel.
    • Options include, four (standard) or five (optional) rear electronic remote valves and up to 3 mid-mount valves
    • Maximum flow at the remotes: 43.6 gpm ) or optional 58 gpm  PFC hydraulic pump
    • Maximum flow available at one remote: 37 gpm 
    • Newly designed electro-hydraulic remotes are easier to couple under pressure and are configurable on the armrest – LED lights distinguish the remotes and their position on the Multicontroller
  • Keeping You Running Day After Day

    Case IH Optum series tractors feature easy maintenance access points and long-scheduled maintenance intervals.
    Easy Access
    Regular maintenance points are accessible without removing shields. The hood opens without tools. Radiators and coolers fold out for quick, easy cleaning. A wide filler opening makes ground-level fueling easy.
    The 750-hour engine oil change and 1,500-hour transmission intervals, low-maintenance fuel system and large fuel tanks keep you rolling, allowing you to spend more time in the field.


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