150 - 250 HP


The ultimate in performance and operator comfort. With up to 250 HP and the fastest speeds in the industry, WD5 series windrowers handle heavy crops, wet conditions and hillsides with ease.

Case IH tractor and windrower series hero
150 - 250 HP
Fuel Capacity
120 Gallons
FPT Engine
4.5 / 6.7 L
Header Drive


Higher-Capacity Farming

Case IH Windrowers get you to the field faster and muscle through the tough spots, without sacrificing harvest quality or operator comfort. Transport speeds up to 30 mph and cutting speeds up to 20 mph, together with simplified operations and innovations such as Field Cruise and the Triple Windrower Attachment, bring peak efficiency to your operation.

Explore Features

  • Straightforward Operation

    Case IH WD5 series windrowers are designed for accuracy and speed. Light-touch steering, easy header hookup, and a ground drive system that allows cutting speeds up to 20 mph and roading speeds up to 30 mph get you in the field faster.

  • The Ultimate in Cab Comfort and Function

    Long days in the field are more comfortable in Case IH WD5 series windrowers. Featuring a tuned cab suspension, tinted rear glass and ergonomically placed controls. A 73-square foot surround glass view and choice of three lighting packages provides outstanding visibility.
  • Precision Farming Provides Peak Efficiency

    Case IH windrowers feature integrated Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) technology, including the AFS Pro 700 display, to manage auto guidance, control key machine functions including Field Cruise and monitor windrower performance. All WD5 Windrowers are equipped with the Case IH AFS Pro 700 10" color, touch-screen display.

    Our Integrated Guidance Option comes equipped with a display, receiver and navigation controller; WAAS or OmniStar. All Case IH WD5’s are auto guidance ready. Units may be ordered auto-guidance complete from the factory or completed by the dealership.
  • What is Field Cruise?

    Field Cruise is a software feature included with all 6-cylinder windrowers equipped with a AFS Pro 700 display that allows the operator to choose to run in fuel-saving ECO Power Mode or a high-productive Power mode. This software includes the ECO Power Mode, Power Cruise Mode and Headland Feature.
  • The Triple Windrow Attachment (TWA) for Case IH WD5 windrowers turns your machine into more than just a cutting and conditioning implement. The TWA eliminates the need to rake and merge with other implements – saving time, fuel and expense. The TWA can build the windrow of your choice by merging two or three swaths into a single windrow.
  • Efficient, Powerful, Clean Engines

    Efficient Power: Windrower field tests have demonstrated a minimum of 10 percent operating cost advantage compared to similar windrowers. The 4-cylinder WD1505 and 6-cylinder WD2105 and WD2505 deliver 150, 210 and 250 horsepower, respectively. Windrower engines feature turbocharger, air-to-air intercooling and computer-aided-design parent bore block with contoured outer surface for increased overall block strength and reduced noise and vibration.

    Clean Power: The windrowers are equipped with our patented Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) - only exhaust aftertreatment technology to meet Tier 4 B/Final emissions requirements. Because SCR does its work outside the engine, the engine can be tuned to operate at its peak power and fuel efficiency.
  • Durability and Easy Serviceability for Maximum Uptime

    • The swing-out door behind the cab and lift-up side shields provide easy access to the engine and key maintenance points
    • The rotary self-cleaning radiator screen keeps air flowing without restriction to the radiator
    • The hinged swing-out cover opens wide to allow access to the air-conditioning condenser, hydraulic oil cooler, radiator and intercooler
    • 120-gal (454L) fuel capacity and 19-gal (71.9L) DEF capacity means you can work a day without refills
    • Fuel fill, hydraulic reservoir and hydraulic filters are accessible from ground level
  • Testimonials

    Producers are enthusiastic about the WD2505 windrower. See what they have to say.


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