WSC Draper Headers

Case IH and Honey Bee® Manufacturing have collaborated to redesign WSC draper headers to integrate seamlessly with 6-cylinder WD5 series windrowers to make small grains harvest a breeze. Offered in 30- and 36-foot widths.

2105 Windrower with WSC30 Honey Bee Draper Head
Cutting Width

30' and 36'

Compatible Models

WD2105 and WD2505 (6cyl)

Cutting System

SCH Easy Cut

Swath Opening


WSC Draper Headers

Built for Productivity

Consistent and clean cutting and greater capacity to maximize efficiency in a range of conditions — all in one simple, reliable design. Featuring in-cab control, quick and convenient transport and easy maintenance.

Explore Features

  • Smooth Cutting

    The cutting system provides smooth cutting with minimized crop damage

    • The double swath option uses two shifting decks with easy in-cab control to deliver crop left, right or center.
    • The SCH Easy Cut cutting system provides smooth cutting action.
    • Adjustable castering gauge wheels eliminate gouging and crop scuffing.
  • Get in the Field Faster

    The WSC draper headers are designed for simplified transport and maintenance, reducing downtime.

    • Integrated transport allows for quick and convenient field to road conversion to quickly move from field to field.
    • Quickly replace a broken reel finger with only pliers and a wrench. Heavy-duty rollers on the reel provide longer service life.


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