Titan 4540

New Agricultural Products and Innovations

AFS Connect Steiger 470 and Speed-Tiller 475_0733_01-20

The AFS Connect Steiger® Series Tractor and AFS Connect Magnum Series Tractor

Axial-Flow 9250_0156_10-17

Harvest More of What You Grow

Precision Disk 500T and AFS Connect Magnum 340_00278_08-20

New Planting and Seeding Configurations

Soil Management for Healthy Soil and Greater Yields

Tiger-Mate 255_0085_05-18

AFS Soil Command Agronomic Tillage Technology


Achieve a High-Efficiency Seedbed with the Speed-Tiller High-Speed Disk

Vibra-Tine 265_0123_04-20

The New Vibra-Tine S-tine Field Cultivator


Achieve High-Efficiency Hay

Farmall Utility 115A and RB455_897_07-20

New Farmall® Utility A Series Tractors

Vestrum 130 and DC133_595_07-20

The New Vestrum Series Tractor

Patriot 4440_0123_09-19

AutoBoom® XRT on Patriot® and Trident Series Sprayers