AFS Connect Puma Series

Known for their combination of power, performance and prestige, the AFS Connect™ Puma® is a hyper-efficient midsized tractor designed to optimize livestock and row crop operations.

Case IH Puma 260 with Speed Tiller 475

180 - 260 HP


PowerDrive or CVXDrive


6.7 L

Hydraulic Capacity

Up to 44.9 GPM

AFS Connect Puma Family

AFS Connect Puma Overview

Puma® series tractors are known for their performance on the road and in the field. Now, with a lineup of all-new models equipped with integrated AFS Connect technology, operators will be able to handle in-field challenges with even greater connectivity and ease. AFS Connect Puma series tractors come with comfort and performance enhancements to create an entirely new high-tech experience for growers who need ultimate flexibility. Best of all, these updates come without sacrificing the tried-and-true power and efficiency that make a Puma, a Puma.

Explore Features

  • Power in a High-performance Package

    The newest model to enter the Puma family, the 260 redefines the meaning of Puma power and prestige. With the largest horsepower of any Puma series tractor (260 hp, 302 peak) and best-in-class carrying capacity thanks to heavy-duty axles, the Puma 260 is built to tackle even the toughest in-field tasks.

  • A Completely New Cab

    We listened to our customers when designing a new cab to ensure the AFS Connect Puma series tractor offers the gold standard in cab comfort. The result is the quietest cab in the industry — without sacrificing efficiency.

    The larger cab, which comes equipped with the AFS Pro 1200 display and the ergonomically designed MultiControl armrest, now has more legroom and more storage.

  • PowerDrive and CVXDrive

    Two powerful transmission options. One reliable tractor. Choose the transmission that best fits your needs. The PowerDrive is a rugged, full powershift transmission. The CVXDrive transmission is a smooth-operating continuously variable transmission.

  • Greater Connectivity. More Possibilities.

    New AFS Connect Puma models allow you to manage, track and share data with ease — giving you a bigger, better picture of overall farm performance for smarter and faster in-field decision-making.

  • Light the Way


    • More high-powered LED lighting on the cab and hood of all AFS Connect Puma tractors helps you light the way for safer driving conditions.
    • Customizable road, work and hazard light options give you the control needed to get the job done.


    • Larger fuel tank (124 gallons) makes for longer run times between fill ups.
    • Fuel tank design offers two built-in toolboxes for quick access.
    • Right-hand steps now incorporate an easy opening battery compartment.
    • 750-hour engine oil service prioritizes efficiency while keeping maintenance costs down.
  • High Performance Hydraulics and Hitches


    • A new configurable remote valve features lever-assisted ejection couplers for easy coupling and uncoupling of hoses under pressure.
    • Up to five rear remotes and a two- or three-function mid-mount valve are available to control the loader or the front hitch.
    • Available joystick control features configurable buttons and a forward reverse shuttle.


    • Multiple rear three-point hitch options are available with maximum lift capacity of 23,000 lb.
    • Front hitch and PTO option is available for front mounted implements.
    • Front-axle suspension travel can now be controlled within the AFS Pro 1200 display, allowing operators to extend the reach of the front hitch for easy hook up of implements.


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