110-140 HP

Farmall Large Utility 100A Series

Hard working, feature-packed and cost-effective, Farmall® large 100A series tractors are a perfect solution for a variety of operations.

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110 - 140 HP
Mechanical or Power Shuttle
Operator Environment
Cab or Non-Cab
Compatible Loaders

L103 / L104 Loaders

Farmall Large Utility 100A Family

A Tractor that Multi-Tasks as Well as You Do

Case IH Farmall 100A series tractors are tough, reliable, remarkably versatile and an excellent value. With four models available in cab or non-cab versions and two-wheel drive or optional mechanical front-wheel drive configurations, you’re sure to find one that’s right for your operation and budget.

Explore Features

  • Extra Lift Capacity for Heavier 3-point Hitch-mounted Implements

    For operators needing extra lift capacity, this high-capacity hitch is available on the Farmall 140A. With larger assist cylinders combined with extra weight on the front of the tractor, this hitch option increases tractor lift capacity to approximately 10,000 lbs. Designed for producers using heavy planters or transplanting implements in specialty operations.

    Combine the Farmall’s maneuverability and smaller footprint with greater lift capacity for even more flexibility in your operation.

  • All the Horsepower You Need with No Regeneration

    Equipped with a 4-cylinder 4.5 liter FPT engine, these electronically-controlled and Tier 4 B/Final compliant engines provide faster throttle response, improved cold weather starting, increased fuel efficiency, and quieter operation. Unlike some competitive utility tractors, Farmall 100A series tractors do not require a diesel particulate filter, avoiding downtime and increasing productivity with no regeneration.

  • Smooth Shifting Options to Match Your Needs

    Choose from three transmission options to best suit your operation:

    • 8×8 power shuttle (standard)
    • 8×8 Synchro mechanical option with mechanical reverser
    • 16×8 power shuttle
  • Comforts to Make Long Days Seem Shorter

    Hundreds of hours of research go into making long days seem shorter, controls seem more natural and chores seem less challenging in Case IH equipment. Farmall large utility 100A series tractors continue the long-standing Farmall commitment, putting a high priority on operator comfort and productivity.


    • Climate-controlled to keep the elements out 
    • Contoured seat comes standard with the Farmall 100A and an optional air suspension seat is available with 15 degree swivel


    • Integrated loader joystick comes standard from the factory and is integrated into the right-hand console for easier operation and greater productivity
    • Two-door entry provides easy access


    • Curved window frame increases loader visibility and provides outstanding overall visibility at a lower base investment
    • Optional high visibility roof panel allows the operator to see full-range loader operation while the sloped hood provides superior forward visibility 
  • Lift Heavy Loads with Confidence

    Farmall large utility 100A series tractors come equipped with a three-point hitch with a lift capacity of 7,200 pounds. Plus, the 22 GPM hydraulic flow capacity allows you to lift heavy loads with ease.

    Connect implements quickly and easily with two standard-equipment, deluxe remotes with flow control and breakaway couplers. Easily add two more remotes as needed.

  • Maximize Your Time Behind The Wheel

    Farmall large utility 100A series tractors are engineered with rugged Case IH components proven to provide years of reliable service. Case IH quality replacement parts, maintenance programs and service expertise are designed to boost equipment efficiency and protect your investment – season after season.


Read What a Producer Has to Say

"My Farmall 100A series tractor has enough horsepower for pulling hay and grain wagons, manure spreading and working smaller jobs. It's very versatile. Plus, I love how sharp it turns when planting corn, or when I use it with hay tools or blowing snow."

-Luke Rumph, Ontario, Canada

Loaders & Attachments

Compatible loaders for your Farmall Utility A series tractor. Check out the full offering of loader attachments for all your material handling tasks here.

Farmall 110A Pro

Farmall 120A Pro

Farmall 130A Pro

Farmall 140A Pro


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