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Farmall Electric Tractor

Once you’ve discovered the Farmall Electric tractor, you won’t look at other tractors the same way again. That’s because it’s more than just a tractor with an electric power source. It’s a technology powerhouse, packed with features that will revolutionize the way you think about farming.

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Reduce Operating Costs Without Sacrificing Performance

With diesel-like performance, the Farmall Electric tractor brings maximum versatility to any operation. Built on the legendary Farmall platform, the Farmall Electric tractor delivers unmatched capability, exceptional safety features and unparalleled operator comfort to a wide range of producers and operations. The Farmall Electric tractor offers producers a technologically advanced tractor that works to reduce the carbon footprint while improving your operating costs.

Why Electric?
It is a sustainable energy solution that provides a strong return on investment while bringing proven  environmental benefits. The electric tractor platform reduces reliance on fossil fuels, reducing emissions. 

Explore Features

  • Tractor and Power Source, All-in-One

    The Farmall Electric tractor is a versatile, all-around, smart utility tractor with a fully electrified drivetrain that features a 74 HP continuous duty motor, four-wheel drive and a 25 MPH maximum operating speed. The zero-emission electric motor delivers a maximum torque of 320 Nm.

    • Equipped with a two-speed rear PTO, drawbar, 3-point hitch, multiple rear remotes, and mid-mount valves.    
    • It can also work as a portable generator, delivering portable power where needed with convenient 110/220V electrical outlets to support external tools or devices.
  • Unmatched Versatility and Productivity

    Advanced automation features are the hallmark of the Farmall 75C Electric.

    Follow-Me Mode: Enabled from the cab, the Follow-me mode is exactly what it sounds like. The tractor will move forward and reverse through the field, following the operator. Control various functions through specific gestures while outside of the cab.

    Invisible Bucket : Using a series of onboard cameras, the screen display shows exactly what is in front of buckets or front attachments, allowing you to operate more safely in tight spaces.

    Guard Rail Mode: If someone steps in the working environment without your knowledge, the tractor will go on alert and disable the tractor and PTO.

  • Power for Loader Work

    The Farmall Electric tractor’s electric motor performs at 94% efficiency, offering 65 PTO horsepower. The fully-integrated battery has a 110 kWh maximum energy storage capacity. Continuous torque at the lowest speeds reduces the need to change gears, and acceleration and fast response time makes this tractor ideal for loader work.

    The 12x12 transmission has been upgraded with an electronic clutch-less power shuttle to speed up directional changes.

  • Remote Activation and Easy Implement Connection

     The Farmall Electric tractor can be remotely activated via your mobile device, and powerful fleet management software lets you decide how the tractor operates. You can monitor tractor performance and battery level from anywhere and at any time.     

    With implement recognition software, the Farmall electric tractor seamlessly links up with attachments.

  • Work for Hours and Recharge Quickly

    With an average four-hour run time, the Farmall Electric tractor can be recharged from 10% to 80% in less than one hour with DC fast charging.

    Two AC and one DC charging options are available, from the plug-and-play entry level AC charger to the Premium Fast DC charger that cuts recharging cycle time to under one hour. Best of all, a high-power utility installation is not needed. An Economy Fast DC charger uses the existing electric grid and offers a 2.8-hour recharge time.

  • Comfort and Accessibility

    The fully-integrated cab brings the form and function of the Electric tractor to your fingertips in a comfortable working environment. The GPS-enabled cab includes a high-visibility panel, a Command Arc console, a deluxe heated pneumatic air seat and an instructor seat.


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