24.7 HP

Farmall Subcompact Series

Power and performance in an efficient package. You don’t have to sacrifice when you need a subcompact tractor to do the work. The Farmall® subcompact tractor blends power and performance into a tractor that is worthy to carry the Farmall tractor name.

Farmall 25sc with loader and bucket



Two-Range Hydrostatic

Operator Environment

Cab or Non--Cab

Compatible Loader


The Right-sized Tractor to Meet Your Needs

The Farmall subcompact tractor doesn’t skimp. It may say subcompact on the nameplate, but one look and you’ll realize there’s a lot to this tractor. Its versatile design and full lineup of attachments will let you tackle various tasks with ease. And it will do it in a tractor that’s both economical and durable.

Explore Features

  • Choose the working environment

    The Farmall subcompact is available in two platforms to match your requirements. Choose from the open-air platform that balances style and function. Easily accessible controls are not in the way when entering or exiting. And the flat platform means no jumping over a transmission hump. The Farmall subcompact can be outfitted with a comfortable cab that features expansive glass for visibility, a four-post design, and two doors for entry/exit.

  • Get the Traction You Need

    The Farmall subcompact comes standard with four-wheel drive, letting you tackle even the toughest jobs with ease.

  • Clean-running, Efficient Engine


    • Emissions Level: Tier 4 B/Final
    • Engine HP: 24.7
    • Rated speed rpm: 3,000
    • Cylinders: 3
    • Aspiration: Natural
    • Displacement: 1.26 L
    • Fuel Tank: 6.6 gal
  • Handle All Your Jobs with Ease


    • PTO HP: 17.2
    • PTO Speed: 540
    • PTO Type: Independent Electro-hydraulic engagement
    • Mid-PTO: Standard
    • Mid-PTO speed: 2,500 RPM
  • Lift Capacity Suited to Multiple Jobs

    3-point hitch: chain type stabilizers/fixed link ends
    3-point lift capacity @ ball ends: 992 lb.
    3-point lift capacity @24 inches behind ball ends: 728 lb.
    3-point linkage category: 1


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