95 - 125 PTO HP

Maxxum Series

Maxxum® series tractors deliver the versatility and productivity you demand — from fieldwork to loader work.

A Case IH Maxxum series tractor

116 - 150 HP

ActiveDrive or CVXDrive
4.5 / 6.7 L
Up to 39.6 gpm

Maxxum Family

A Hardworking, Versatile Machine That You Can Rely On.

Case IH Maxxum® series tractors combine efficient power with operator convenience. Powered by FPT engines, these multipurpose workhorse tractors deliver increased productivity, performance and fuel efficiency to keep your operation running smoothly.

Explore Features

  • Efficient, Powerful Engines

    Maxxum series tractors are powered by FPT engines with proven Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emission technology. Turbocharged 4.5-L, 4-cylinder or 6.7-L, 6-cylinder aftercooled engines generate 116- to 150-rated horsepower (95 to 125 PTO horsepower).

    • These FPT engines deliver a power boost of up to 24 horsepower on the 4-cylinder models and up to 17 horsepower on the 6-cylinder model.
    • Common rail direct injection produces faster throttle response, improved power performance and increased efficiency.
    • SCR emission-control technology treats exhaust outside of the engine. This maximizes engine power and fuel efficiency while delivering increased durability and longer service intervals.
  • Transmission Options For Every Job

    Maxxum series tractors are available with three transmissions — ActiveDrive 4 semi-powershift, ActiveDrive 8 dual-clutch transmission and CVXDrive continuously variable transmission. Learn about which transmission is right for your operation.
  • Power Take-Off Options

    The way implements attach, function and power up is just as important as a tractor’s engine, transmission and cab comforts. Maxxum tractors feature the power and capacity that make it a hardworking versatile machine, plus ease of use that makes for efficient productivity.

    • A 540 and 1,000 rpm rear PTO is standard and includes a reversible shaft for fast, easy PTO speed changes.
    • A front-mount PTO is available
  • Hydraulics to Power the Toughest Jobs

    Maxxum tractors provide the hydraulic flow you need to power all kinds of implements and the toughest loader work. Case IH offers two different pump options to meet your needs; the fixed displacement pump is perfect for simple operations that require less flow, while PFC systems are best for operations that require additional or continuous flow. Main implement pump max flow capacity:

    • Maxxum ActiveDrive 4: 22.7 gallons per minute — fixed displacement; 31.9 gallons per minute — optional pressure-flow compensation (PFC); mechanical remotes
    • Maxxum ActiveDrive 8: 22.7 gallons per minute — fixed displacement; 39.6 gallons per minute — PFC; available with electronic or mechanical rear remotes
    • Maxxum CVXDrive: 39.6 gallons per minute — PFC; available with electronic or mechanical rear remotes ​

    Remotes – Choose from two to four remotes with adjustable detents. Fully color-coded remotes and in-cab controls simplify hookup.

  • Durable Hitches for All Operations

    The 3-point hitch features standard telescoping stabilizers and available quick-attach claw ends or telescopic lower links with ball-link ends – making attaching and hooking up implements fast and easy. Available front-mount hitches provide additional versatility. Two turnbuckles provide side-to-side leveling of attachments. A swinging drawbar makes hooking up implements easier or it can be moved out of the way when not in use.


    Lift capacities: Mechanical position control and adjustable drop rate make operation easy and precise.

    • Standard: Two 80 mm lift cylinders — 6,900 pounds
    • Optional: Two 90 mm lift cylinders — 8,945 pounds


  • Heavy-duty MFD or 2WD Options Available

    Maxxum series tractors can take on any kind of field condition. All Maxxum ActiveDrive 4, Maxxum ActiveDrive 8 or Maxxum CVXDrive models feature heavy-duty front-axle options. Maxxum ActiveDrive 4 models also feature a 2WD option.

  • Select Your Comfort Zone

    Whether you prefer a top-of-the-line, superior operator environment or the basic comforts, Maxxum series tractors let you customize your experience to the level that meets your individual needs.

    A spacious operator platform complete with left and right cab doors provides plenty of legroom, storage space and room to maneuver. Comfortable seating, intuitive control placement, climate control and wide-open views make long work days more enjoyable.

  • Integrated Precision Farming Technology

    AFS components on Maxxum tractors offer dependability and convenience and give you the flexibility you need to help ensure you’re ready to begin gathering data as soon as you pull into the field. Uncover the productivity capabilities of AFS AccuGuide, the AFS Pro 700 Plus display, and two levels of ISOBUS communications interface.

  • The optional advanced loader joystick allows you to change speeds and direction without removing your hand from the loader joystick.

  • Keeping Running Day After Day


    Maxxum series tractors are designed to keep you up and running. Maintenance points are accessible without removing shields and the hood opens without tools. Radiators and coolers fold out for quick, easy cleaning.

    A Hi-eSCR2 emissions technology allows for longer service intervals – 750 hours for engine oil and 1,500 hours for transmission fluid. Large fuel tanks keep you rolling, while a wide filler opening makes ground-level fueling easy.


Customize Your Maxxum Tractor to Meet Your Needs

Choose from ActiveDrive 4, ActiveDrive 8 or CVXDrive transmissions to match your Maxxum® tractor to your needs.

ActiveDrive 4
  • Proven 16x16 semi-powershift transmission.
  • Ideal for a wide range of tasks around the farm, from fieldwork to livestock feeding.
  • Customizable with the features you need.
  • Available in 2WD or MFD.
ActiveDrive 8
  • ActiveDrive 8 dual-clutch transmission delivers a wide range of working speeds without torque interruptions.
  • MultiControl Armrest and MultiFunction Handle puts frequently used functions in one hand for easy operation.
  • Shift gears from the optional advanced loader joystick that includes a reverser.
  • Outstanding choice for long, demanding days, whether planting, baling hay or chores around the farm.
  • CVXDrive continuously variable transmission delivers seamless speed changes while maintaining power to the ground.
  • Automatically finds the most efficient gear ratio and engine speed.
  • Change speed on the optional advanced loader joystick that includes a reverser.
  • Excellent option for loader work and applications on hilly terrain or with frequent load changes.
  • Ease of use makes it a good choice for less experienced operators.

Compatible Loaders

Turn Your Tractor into a Versatile Workhorse

Compatible loaders for your Maxxum series tractor. Check out the full offering of loader attachments for all your material handling tasks here.

Maxxum 115

Maxxum 125

Maxxum 135

Maxxum 145

Maxxum 150


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