16.4 - 31 ft. Working Width

Wheel Rakes

Wheel rakes are built to handle high capacities, and feature quick, simple adjustments and heavy-duty construction to ensure durability, season after season.

Case IH wheel rake
Rake Type
Carted and Folding V
Working Width
16.4 - 31 ft
Rake Wheels
8 - 16 Wheels
PTO Required
30 - 40 HP

Wheel Rake Family

Built for Optimal Strength and Productivity

Case IH WR Series wheel rakes sport durable, heavy-duty frames built to handle high capacities and tough, uneven terrain. The generous rake arm clearance accommodates higher-volume raking while the rake sections float over uneven terrain without hang ups. 

Explore Features

  • Quick and Easy Adjustments

    • Adjust the raking beam angle to form loose windrows for more airflow or a tighter windrow if conditions are dry or windy
    • An optional single side opening kit allows for independent operation of each side. (WR201 and WR302)
    • In tight spaces or when finishing up a field, rake with only one side of the wheel rake (WR102 model only)
    • Adjust windrow width from the comfort of the tractor seat with a hydraulic adjustment option (WR302 model)
  • Easily Change from Transport to Raking

    • Rake folds on top of cart for easy transport
    • In the field, you simply push a lever and the rake wheels lower
    • Wheels fold back up for transport with the pull of a lever


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