175 - 335 HP

Patriot 40 Series Sprayers

Patriot® 40 Series sprayers provide consistent, accurate application across every piece of ground, all season, every season.

Image of Patriot 40 series sprayer
175 – 335 HP
FPT Engine
6.7 / 8.7 L
Tank Size
660 – 1,600 gal.
Emissions Standard
Tier 4 B/Final

Make the Most of Every Plant's Potential

Both growers and commercial applicators know that timeliness and application quality are critical. When facing long days and short application windows, you need a sprayer that optimizes time and provides accuracy in all conditions. With agronomically designed function in mind, Patriot sprayers allow you to do your job quickly but efficiently every time.

Explore Features

  • Frame Design

    The "cab-forward, rear-engine" configuration gives Case IH Patriot sprayers their distinctive look and their performance edge
    • The static weight of the cab and engine is over the front and rear axles. 
    • The dynamic weight of the product tank is in the center of the machine, with a more even weight distribution between the axles when the tank is full and the booms are out. 
    • Even weight distribution allows for less rutting and soil compaction in any weather condition.
    • Truss-style design of the booms adds strength and durability.
  • Boom Features

    Patriot 40 series sprayers offer choices of boom widths and options to fit any application. The advanced parallel-link boom design and suspension create lighter-weight booms with superior strength and the ability to maintain position at all speeds. Available in a variety of widths and spray heights.

    Advanced features such as AutoBoom™ XRT boom height control, AccuBoom boom section control, ​AutoFold Plus for easy transport and AIM AccuPlacer™ side-dress fertilizer bring productivity to the next level.
  • Get Ultimate Spray Control with AIM Command FLEX®

    With AIM Command FLEX advanced spray technology, operators are able to precisely control product flow and spray pressure to optimize application rate. With On-demand drift control, a nozzle valve diagnostic system, and spray mapping technology, the Patriot Sprayers put the control in your hands.
  • Precision Farming at Your Fingertips

    Bring sprayer control right to your fingertips. Choose between the AFS Pro 700 display or the Case IH Viper 4+ controller to control application rates, track ground speed, monitor boom functions, manage farm data and more.
  • Engineered for Success

    Case IH engineers know you want all the power you’ll ever need from a sprayer plus a long, economical service life. Field-tested FPT engines power the Patriot 40 series sprayers. The Patriot 4440 model comes with a powerful 8.7L engine and the Patriot 3340, 3240 and 2250 models are equipped with a 6.7L inline 6-cylinder turbocharged, after-cooled diesel engine.

    The hydrostatic drive system features a parallel, cross-flow design using heavy duty variable displacement pumps and drive motors. If a wheel slip or spin occurs, the traction assist feature provides sufficient oil to opposing wheels to power through that tough field condition.
  • Cab Architecture Designed for Drivers

    Patriot sprayers are designed to let operators work longer with less fatigue. The distance between cab and engine makes for an exceptionally quiet ride. The curved front windshield offers a wide vista of tinted glass and puts the operator in control. Ergonomically designed instrumentation puts critical operating functions right up front, leaving the operator free to focus on the work at hand.

    The pressurized cabs keep the inside air clean and fresh while the automatic temperature control (standard on the Patriot 4440; optional on the Patriot 3240 and 3340) plus sunshades keep the operator cool and comfortable.
  • More Time to Spray, Every Day

    Patriot sprayers feature a one-stop service center that lets you perform all tendering functions from a single location. Connections are provided to make it easy to fill tanks from ground level, and an optional fill flow meter allows you to see exactly how much is going into the main tank. Large plumbing hoses, direct hose routings and minimal fittings and connections are standard, making tank fill time shorter, and service easier than ever before.


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