340 - 410 HP

Titan Series Floaters

Built for handling the tough demands of changing terrain and accurately applying fertilizer and chemicals.
Titan Series Floaters
340 – 410 HP
FPT Engine
8.7 L
Fuel Capacity
150 gal.
Weight (lbs)
21,550 – 24,000

Titan Floaters Family

Leading the Industry

Get more out of every season. Whether applying liquids, granular materials, or both, ride high in a machine designed to meet the needs of professional applicators. Combine a rugged 3- or 4- wheel Titan series Floater with either the big tanks and efficient plumbing of the 610 Liquid System or the precise co-application flexibility of the FA 1030 Air Boom applicators you can cover more acres, more accurately.

Explore Features

  • Productive Power

    Available in two horsepower ratings, the Titan 40 Series’ diesel engine features the world-class innovations of FPT Powertrain Technologies. This 8.7-liter engine is designed to meet tough conditions while delivering optimum fuel efficiency and ease of service.
  • More Comfort Means More Acres

    When application windows are narrow and every hour in the field counts, operator comfort is no luxury - it's absolutely essential. Air-ride seating, ergonomically placed, easy-to-reach controls and an ultra-quiet interior are just a few of the features that let operators work longer with less fatigue.
  • Optimum Control, Maximum Efficiency

    Viper 4+

    • 12.1-inch Touch-Screen Interface
    • Displays boom status, application rate and pressure readings
    • Functions as a stand-alone rate controller or it can be an integral part of guidance or mapping systems
    • Available for the FA 1030 Air Boom Applicator and 610 Liquid System

    RS1 Autoguidance

    • Compatible with the Viper 4+ controllers
    • Guidance, GPS receiver and Slingshot® functions all in one component
    • Includes fleet management, wireless data transfer, remote diagnostics and over-the-air-updates

    Optional AFS 392 Receiver

    • Factory installed GNSS receiver capable of a wide range of accuracy levels.
    • Can utilize WAAS and RangePoint RTX (subscription purchased separately)
    • Requires AFS Pro 700 display and AFS AccuGuide autoguidance system for repeatable guidance
  • Durable and Responsive Design

    From its solid, durable frame to robust drivetrain, a Titan 40 Series 3-wheel chassis is designed to work as hard as the rest of your crew during your application windows.
  • Handle the Most Demanding Field Conditions

    4-wheel Titan 40 Series Floaters are built to withstand heavy loads while at the same time offering a more comfortable ride. Available with either a 340 hp or 410 hp engine.
  • Run Better, For Longer

    At Case IH, "maximum uptime" is one of the pillars of every product we offer. That means designing and building equipment that optimizes time in the field every day. Get in the field faster and stay there longer with time-saving features:

    • Front-tilt hood for access to the engine, coolers and daily checkpoints
    • Swing-out grill for radiator and cooling system maintenance (4-wheel floaters)
    • Swing-out compartments on each side (3-wheel floaters)
    • Ground-level service to the air tanks
    • Convenient swing-out steps on 3-wheel models
    • Halogen or LED lighting choices to extend the workday


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