46.5” - 61.5” BALE WIDTH

Round Balers

For whatever you're baling from wet silage to dry hay to straw or stalks, we have the baler for your operation.
RB 565 round baler Series Hero
Bale Width

46.5 - 61.5 in.

Bale Diameter

30 – 75 in.

Bale Weight

300 – 2,500 lb.

PTO HP Required

45 – 125 HP

Round Baler Family

Bale Wet or Dry Crops

Whether baling wet silage, dry hay or stalks, new additions to the Case IH round baler family are designed to boost your productivity and efficiency. The new RB6 HD Pro series balers handle higher bale counts with new high-performance features. Built to tackle wet and heavy silage but able to excel in any crop, RB6 HD Professional balers bring superior speed with fewer moving parts, making for lower maintenance and greater productivity. New Standard and Premium models have been added to the lineup with features such as wider pickup widths and a new wrapping system. Taken together, these features and models allow you to create denser, higher-quality hay, leaving you with fewer bales to handle.

Explore Features

  • Bale Your Way

    The Case round baler family offers three distinct options to meet your specific baling needs. Choose the baler that suits you best from our Standard, Premium or Professional categories based on the amount of horsepower, bale sizes, annual bale count and bale weights you need to get the job done.

  • Feeder Options to Fit Your Operations

    Case IH round balers’ feeder systems provide a clean sweep of crop and uninterrupted feeding of material into the baler, while simultaneously picking up wider, fuller windrows to maximize productivity in every pass.

    • The hay and silage models feature an overshot feeder
    • The Overshot feeder provides smooth and consistent crop flow from the pick up into the bale chamber resulting in higher capacity
    • If equipped, the 5 bar pick up combined with a roller windguard provides a clean sweep of crop and uninterrupted feeding of material into the baler.
    • No tool adjust gauge wheels help protect the pickup in rough fields. For curvy fields, the castering gauge wheel option prevents crop scuffing and damaging regrowth.Low-profile design lets the pickup float over ground contours, gently gathering crop and saving nutrient-packed leaves
  • Net Wrap Electrical System and Twine Delivery Systems

    Net wrap system and twine delivery provide improved reliability with fewer adjustments. The redesigned net wrap system has an independent up-cut knife system to create less stress on components which results in a more reliable wrapping system. Plus, new wrapping systems offer options for twine, net and twine/net wrapping.

    Net wrap system features:

    • Enhanced H-bridge and ICM controller
    • Separate motor for net knife and duckbill reducing current draw in system
    • Front loading net wrap for efficient net loading and positive feeding on bale
    • Fewer adjustments for simplicity and better performance

    • Twine delivery system features:
    • Enhanced single pivot, dual twine arm system
    • Positive twine starts: the twine arm sweeps across the bale from left to right rather than starting in the center
    • Twine tails reduced to left side only
    • Twine end wrap position adjustable from monitor
    • Consistent twine spacing across entire width of bale
  • Setting the Standard for Quality

    Plastic twine from Case IH is made in the USA and continues to be the hay and forage industry’s standard for quality. Options available include: 

    • PLASTIC BALING TWINE provides tight bales that are consistent in size. The twine is uniform diameter and strength to perform in harsh applications with guaranteed knot and tensile strengths.  
    • BALEKEEPER PLASTIC TWINE is designed with the value-conscious farmer or operator in mind and is available in the most popular knot/tensile strengths and lengths. 
    • SISAL TWINE is 100% biodegradable, mildew resistant twine that helps keep your fields healthy. Sisal twine features uniform thickness consistent tensile/knot strength.
  • Several Options to Meet Your Needs

    By design, net-wrapped bales are smooth, weather-resistant, easier to move and store, and retain more leaves for more palatable, higher-quality hay. Case IH offers:     

    • NATURE'S NET WRAP is manufactured in the USA from renewable resources and is fully compostable with a stronger tensile strength compared to conventional plastic net wrap. Soil micro-organisms and enzymes break down and consume the net wrap.    
    • FASTNET™ BLACK NET FILM provides superior coverage because it keeps its shape and doesn’t get narrower as it’s stretched. FASTNET completely binds bales from end to end, helping to keep the bale densely wrapped and more weather-resistant for higher-quality hay while ensuring removal and hassle-free feeding.    
    • KNITTED NET FILM is light, easy to use, and cost-effective with lengths up to 11,800 feet to enable longer runs between roll changes. This durable design resists punctures and tears for safe and reliable transport and is UV-stabilized to withstand extreme weathering conditions.    
    • BALEKEEPER™ NET FILM is designed with the value-conscious farmer or operator in mind and shares many of the same performance characteristics of the net film from Case IH.
  • Consistent Airtight Wrapping Performance

    Case IH silage film provides high-puncture resistance and precise thickness control for consistent, airtight wrapping performance. High stretch ability and high cling properties ensure a tight, secure bale wrap without ripping.

    Strong, white polyethylene tape is ideal for repairing your silage film, insulating and sealing. The repair tape features high UV and water resistance.

  • Belts Built To Last

    Belts can make or literally break your season. That's why Case IH has two options of belts to suit your needs and your budget - both designed with higher tensile strength for better tracking and long life. Choose from endless belts which have no splices or premium laced belts. And, with a three-year/15,000-bale warranty, you can bale worry-free knowing your bottom line is protected.

  • In-Cab Control

    Monitor all baler functions through your choice of two easy-to-use monitors that relay information from inside the bale chamber. Choose from the Deluxe Monitor with keypad with its compact design, user friendly icons and menu screen navigation or the AFS Pro 700 display with color touch screen with ISOBUS options.

  • Easy In-Cab Adjustment of Bale Quality

    All RB5 balers may be equipped with in-cab density control. This allows the operator to be able to control density from the monitor, either Deluxe or AFS Pro 700. With dual zone control, the inner (core) density may be set independently from the outer density. Increase the outer density when storing bales outside for improved weatherability.

    The Moisture Sensor option displays bale moisture on the monitor as the bale is formed and provides the final average moisture for the completed bale. It is a fully-integrated system that works with the balers electronics and monitor, with no need for a separate display. If desired, the operator can set a high and low moisture level warning, otherwise no adjustment needed. Simple to use and offered as both a factory installed option or a dealer-installed kit for balers made after February 2019.
  • Tractor & Baler Automation

    This system controls the tractor stop, bale wrap and bale eject functions without any operator input required. Paired with a properly-equipped Vestrum®, Puma®, Optum® or Maxxum® series tractor, operators can take advantage of ISOBUS Class 3 controls to automatically stop the tractor when the target bale size is reached.

    After that, net wrap is automatically applied and, when the wrap cycle is complete, the baler tailgate raises and lowers automatically to eject each wrapped bale. Once the completed bale is ejected, the operator can simply move the tractor shuttle lever to the forward position or push the forward button on the multi-control handle to resume baling.

  • Style with a Purpose

    With a steel front shield and plastic side shields, operators have full access to the side of the baler when panels are raised, with additional grease banks for ease of servicing. A redesigned net wrap system has an independent up-cut knife system to create less stress on components, which results in a more reliable wrapping system.

    Configuration Options:

    • Choice of 540 rpm or 1000 rpm gearbox on all models
    • Hay, Silage, Rotor Feeder, Rotor Cutter Configurations on RB455/RB465 
  • Additional Peace of Mind

    To provide our customers with peace of mind during hay season, RB456A, RB5, and HD Pro round balers come with a two-year base warranty. In addition, a three-year pickup warranty has now been added for these round balers. This will extend the pickup warranty for an additional year after the base. From the hitch to the rear axle, we want our customers to know that we’ve got their backs.

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